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Colon hydrotherapy is practiced primarily to cleanse, purify, and recharge the body. Dont wait ! Call us : 773 728 6800

What Makes Us Different ?

90 Minute Appointments

We offer the ONLY 90 minute appointment in the city. Others may preach that less time is all you need…WE KNOW BETTER! To achieve a true and complete cleanse, it takes time.


Spa Atmosphere

Chicago Colonic is the premiere colonic service in the Chicago land area. Long valued as an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle on both coasts, Chicago Colonic opened its doors in 2001.

Private Bathrooms

Each specially designed treatment room has a private bathroom. The toilet and sink are sanitized after each use. There are no upside down bottles or hoses that compromise sanitation and possibly your health.


Disposable Components

This is state of the art technology for your 21st Century lifestyle. The machine regulates the temperature and pressure of the water. All tubes and components are for one time use only. There is no chance of contamination.