Colon hydrotherapy is practiced primarily to cleanse, purify, and recharge the body. Don't wait! Call us today: 773-728-6800     

What Makes Us Different ?


We Specialize in Colonics & Infrared Body Wraps.

We offer the best value in a true 90 minute appointment style, focused on the detox process. 

Others may preach that less time is all you need…WE KNOW BETTER!

To achieve a true and complete cleanse, it takes time.


I-ACT Certified Therapist

Our in-house training is more extensive than what is required by the I-ACT organization. 

We are committed to ongoing, continuing education and meet all the requirements of the State of Illinois.


Private Bathrooms

Each specially designed treatment room has a private bathroom.

The toilet and sink are sanitized after each use.


Disposable Components

This is state of the art technology for your 21st Century lifestyle. The instrument regulates the temperature and pressure of the water.

All tubes and components are for one time use only. Our entire facility is sanitized to hospital grade standards before and after each client.

There is no chance of contamination.

We are here to help you!