About Us

 Chicago Colonic is the premier colonic service in the Chicagoland area.

Long valued as an important alternative modality on both coasts, Chicago Colonic opened its doors in 2001.
We offer a ‘true’ 90 minute appointment style. Others may preach that less time is all you need…
WE KNOW BETTER! To achieve a deep and complete cleanse, it takes time.
A highly trained therapist is focused exclusively on your needs at all times.

At Chicago Colonic we understand that some things simply cannot be rushed. You are probably rushed all day long.
We understand. You don’t always have time to eat right. You don’t always have time to drink enough water.
You don’t always have time to get adequate exercise. Sometimes you overindulge. Your body suffers and so do you. We understand, let us help.

We use the Hydro-San Plus. This is state of the art technology for your 21st Century lifestyle.
The instrument regulates the temperature and pressure of the water. All tubes and components are for one time use only. There are no upside down bottles or hoses that compromise sanitation and possibly your health. There is no chance of contamination. 

Each specially designed treatment room has a private bathroom.  This is important as it allows for a more discreet and private experience. 
The toilet and sink are sanitized after each use.

We use the patented Slo-Infusion* Method. Coupled with our 90 minute appointment this allows a small
amount of water to flow gently into the colon softening the waste and stimulating natural peristalsis.
This provides the ultimate in a safe and comfortable colonic irrigation.

We are also conveniently located with easy access in the city and the North Shore. Located at Lincoln and Peterson,
we are right off the Eden’s Expressway (I 94) and are serviced by public transportation.
There is a parking lot with special needs access at the door.

The rooms were designed to be restful to the senses with subdued lighting, music, and candles. We specialize in colon hydrotherapy, it’s all we do. We believe that this modality should be totally separated and not combined with other services like nails and facials.
If you would like Foot Reflexology, aromatherapy, or other enhancements to your colon cleansing, in addition to the abdominal massage…
Just ask! It’s that easy.

Meet our team!

Hi...I'm Maggie
I am a trained Colon Hydrotherapist and just recently moved back to Sweet Home Chicago. Prior to Colon Hydrotherapy, my background was primarily in Hospitality Management as well as Financial Services.  While I am still actively licensed in the Financial sector, my primary focus is now in the Health and Wellness industry. By working in restaurants, hotels, and bars, I saw what people ate and drank, and much of it was processed, fried, and unhealthy.  Over time, it’s motivated me to watch what I eat and what I’m putting in my body.  I’ve been consistently receiving colonics for 12+ years now, and truly believe in their benefits.  
While living in Seattle from 2016-2020, I entered the Health & Wellness Industry, was trained as a Colon Hydrotherapist, and worked in a cute, boutique spa specializing in Open System Colonics. Upon moving back to Chicago, it was only natural to reach out to Chicago Colonic for two reasons...to schedule a service and inquire about employment opportunities. As the relationship progressed, so did the opportunities, and now, with pride, I can say I am excited to lead the Chicago Colonic team...and elevating my health to a higher level is a fantastic side effect!
Don’t be shy...call for an appointment and introduce yourself!  I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know the Chicago Colonic network of like-minded people. I hope to see you soon!

Hi...I'm Nina
I lead a holistic lifestyle which includes various aspects of fasting, detoxification, natural diets and exercise. I have used colon hydrotherapy since 1992 and truly believe it is the REAL fountain of youth.
I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from Drexel University, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, was awarded Le Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France. I am a certified
personal trainer. I have been a proponent of “healthy common sense” for decades and am an I-ACT Certified Instructor as well as Hydro-San certified. I am also networked with the International Colonic Educators Association. 

I can answer questions about the multitude of detoxes on the market...let me help you be your own detox specialist. 

Know your colonic therapist. Education, up to date certifications, sanitation, disposables, slow infusion,
knowledge and how to apply it..it’s the subtle differences that count.  
Feel free to call us...we like to discuss colon cleansing and can answer any questions you may have.