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Colon Hydrotherarpy

Why is it so important?

Colon Hydrotherapy is what many believe to be the Modern Day Fountain of Youth. It is a safe and effective method of removing waste from the colon, without the use of drugs. By introducing highly-filtered and temperature-controlled water into the colon, the waste is naturally softened and loosened. The softened waste is released through the body’s natural peristalsis. The process is usually repeated several times during a session and often, the entire colon is completely cleansed.

We offer a 90-minute "closed system" appointment so that you have a more relaxed and deeper cleanse. Coupled with the longer table time, our Hydro San Plus allows a small amount of water to flow gently into the colon, softening the waste and stimulating natural peristalsis. This provides the ultimate safe and comfortable colonic irrigation. By slowing down the process and relaxing the body, we achieve a deeper and complete cleanse, resulting in less appointments needed overall. Often, we are able to completely clear the colon of impacted waste, and while every person’s body responds differently, it is likely that you will feel the wonderful result of removing waste and toxins from the body.

Colon Hydrotherarpy

What are the benefits?

Colonics are not just the best detox you can give your body, they also often provide relief to those suffering from these symptoms:

Chronic Constipation

Bloating & Gas After Eating

Diet & Weight Loss Issues

Frequent Indigestion

Irritable Bowels & Diarrhea


In addition to the relief of symptoms listed above, our clients regularly experience these benefits:

Detoxification of Whole Body

Body & Mind Relaxation

Increased Energy Levels

Boosted Metabolism

Enhanced Stamina & Endurance

Better Sleep 

Improved Circulation

Radiant, Glowing Comlexion

Elevated & Balanced Mood

Stress Reduction

Pain Relief

Lower Blood Pressure


The entire body benefits from the release of this accumulation of impacted waste, toxins, and poisons in the bowel.

70% of long-term illness starts in the colon, and therefore, it is believed by many that a clean colon, rid of toxins, can help to prevent illness in the body.

Chicago Colonic Treatment Benefits


Preparations for a Colonic:

Assess how much water you drink daily and adjust accordingly. The general rule of thumb is to consume half of your weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, your daily water intake should be 75 ounces. Drink up in the days leading up to the session, but don’t guzzle.  Sip slowly.

Watch what you eat.  The day before and the day of the appointment, be mindful of what you eat…it helps to elevate the results of the colonic. Abstain from red meat, white flour products (like breads and pastas), and alcoholic beverages. Also avoiding dairy products, processed carbohydrates, fried foods, and carbonated beverages would be beneficial.

If possible, enjoy raw vegetable juices in the days leading up to your appointment. This can help to start the elimination process and cleansing of the colon.

No food two hours before the appointment, and no water/beverages one hour before the appointment.

After Care & What to Expect Afterwards:

There are NO known negative side effects, and NO down-time needed. Most people carry on about their day as they normally would. They go to work, enjoy a yoga class, or simply relax and rest. Almost everyone reports getting an excellent night’s sleep afterwards.

Many people experience a burst of energy and report feeling “lighter”. On some rare occasions, others may experience a bit of a headache or fatigue. This may be due to the release of toxins that have been stored for quite some time.  Drinking extra water and resting should alleviate these symptoms. 

For the remainder of the day following your session, we suggest eating easy-to-digest foods. A hearty vegetable soup, steamed veggies, you get the idea. Raw vegetables, spicy foods, heavy meats, carbonated beverages, and alcohol can be very harsh on your freshly-cleaned colon. Just as you would rest after a great workout at the gym, give your digestive system the same rest.

If we’ve been able to successfully cleanse the entire colon, it may take a couple of days for you to have a bowel movement on your own.  This is perfectly normal and not a cause for concern.




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