Our Infrared Sauna Wrap 

While wrapped inside the Higher Dose sauna wrap, infrared rays work closely around the body to stimulate blood flow,

increase metabolic rate, burns calories and boost skin cell rejuvenation.

The detoxifying wrap sucks out lurking toxins with a refreshing rush of perspiration — rejuvenating,

repairing and reenergizing the body. While infrared-induced sweating flushes out your pores,

revealing luminous, naturally-glowing skin, it also rouses cloud-like feelings of euphoria and vigor. 

Wraps are specially designed to give you the best, most effective experience. Featuring one heating zone,

our wraps get hotter than most by 20 – 80 degrees. Because our wraps are used by professional athletes

training their bodies to cope with extreme environments, the hotter the heat, the better the results.

This is how the body gets stronger over time.

Enjoy these Benefits

Work Out Without Working Out.

Get that elated feeling of a long, accomplished run without the exhaustion. And yes, calorie burning included...up to 1,000 per session!

Up Your Performance

Increasing your core temperature for short periods offers dramatic improvements to your athletic performance.

This concept, called “hyperthermic conditioning,” can have multiple positive effects,

not only on your body, but on your mind-body connection as well —

including increased endurance, the release of human growth hormone (HGH) and the growth of new brain cells.

Sleep Better Through The Night  

It calms you down, by lowering your cortisol levels, and puts your body in a state of healing and relaxation. 


Our sauna wrap can expedite the detoxification process.

As they heat your tissues several inches deep, the infrared vibrates your water molecules, pulling toxins out

that are stored deep within your fat cells. When you're enveloped in infrared heat, your body goes into full relaxation

without resistance, which allows toxins to be more easily released (it's the best sweat for the best detox).

Smooth Things Over With Cellulite

Cellulite is caused by stored toxins within fat.

Far infrared is the most effective tool to get deep stubborn toxins out of your body, reducing the cause of cellulite.

Get High Naturally

Low Emf, combined with healthy heating materials and clean fabrics,

allows the healing benefits of the infrared rays to maximize their impact —

putting your body into a state of healing so you can detox and relax deeply.

Infrared triggers our brain's happiness chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins).  

Preparation & After Care

How to Prepare 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Increase your water intake in the day or two leading up to your appointment. 

Remember the electrolytes and minerals, and SIP SLOWLY.

Skin brush, or loofah your body the day/night before.  A soaking bath is also a good idea. 

To really clean your pores, give yourself a facial the day/night before as well. 

Avoid any lotion and/or makeup the day of the appointment.

Ideally, all of these preparations will help you sweat cleaner.

Please remove any body piercings prior to the appointment.  Earrings and facial piercings do not need to be removed. 

What to Bring

The surface of the wrap is quite hot, so your skin must be covered.  You'll need to bring clothes to wear inside the wrap: 

long, thick cotton pants (ie. sweatpants), a long sleeve cotton shirt, and thick calf-length socks.  

(We'll send detailed information to you via email before your appointment.)

Any Aftercare?

Almost none.  You will continue to detox through sweating for a couple of hours after the wrap, therefore,

it's suggested to wait to shower for at least 2 hours after the appointment for maximum benefit.